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Why We Are Here posts

We are here to provide customized, objective
advice to people like you.

There are too many conflicts of Interest

After years of servicing high net worth families at some of the largest Wall Street firms, the principals at Miracle Mile advisors concluded that there was a better way to deliver investment solutions to clients. We saw that the structure of financial incentives and the motivation to sell high fee products to clients was creating conflicts of interest between the goals of these traditional firms and the needs of the clients.

A customized plan is critical

At Miracle Mile Advisors, we understand the value of creating a customized plan that is tailored to you. Managing an investment portfolio is only one aspect of wealth management. We take into account both financial and personal goals as well as real life events in creating a comprehensive plan for your future.

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There are benefits of investing with ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provide clients diversification, liquidity and broad exposure to virtually any asset class. With ETFs in our portfolio, instead of hedge funds or active mutual funds, we can build tax-efficient, lower-cost global portfolios that minimize risks such as style drift or portfolio manager turnover. The most compelling reason for using indexes or ETFs lies in the fact that the majority of active portfolio managers do not outperform their benchmark index after fees and expenses.

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We built this firm for you

Clients are starving for a customized investment solution that is easy to understand and that focuses on meeting their financial goals, which is why we created this firm. We are an independent firm and uphold the fiduciary standard, meaning we always put the client’s interest first. We believe this enables us to be completely objective and truly sit on the same side of the table as our clients. Our clients are our family, and all investors are treated as such. We want you to sleep well at night knowing that your money is in trusted hands.

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