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Portfolio Management

We bring elegant simplicity to a complex process.

At Miracle Mile, we provide custom investment solutions that are transparent, easy to understand and wholly focused on meeting your distinct goals.

Macro Overview
  • Conduct extensive macro-economic research
  • Forecast return expectations across global markets
  • Model range of scenarios to create confidence intervals
Asset Allocation
  • Create strategic allocations that reflect our macro-economic outlook
  • Optimize portfolios to maximize return potential per client risk tolerance
  • Tactically allocate portfolios opportunistically as markets move
Portfolio Design
  • Identify ideal underlying investments to articulate our economic and asset allocation outlooks
  • Implement selection criteria based on proprietary characteristics, liquidity, and valuation models
  • Monitor investment exposures in the context of ongoing due diligence of potential opportunities
Tax Optimization
  • Select most tax efficient underlying investments
  • Implement ongoing tax-loss harvesting as opportunities occur in client accounts
  • Analyze portfolio metrics including standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, and upside/downside capture rates
Implementation & Monitoring
  • Use a phased implementation approach
  • Monitor key macro economic indicators
  • Conduct daily monitoring of holdings
  • Rebalance portfolios to target allocations as warranted