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Comprehensive Planning

Your portfolio is just one piece of the puzzle…

At Miracle Mile Advisors, we understand the value of creating a customized plan that is tailored to your unique financial goals. Your portfolio is only one piece of the puzzle. We help you make sense of the other important issues life throws at you to design and implement a life plan that will help to get you where you need to go.



Portfolio construction is tailored to each client’s specific cash flow needs, tax situation, and risk tolerance.

We create portfolios that are specifically designed to meet the individual goals of our clients. That may involve a specific retirement income need, a lump sum wealth transfer, or a bucket list of lifetime accomplishments that need to be funded. We then proactively manage the portfolio to squeeze as much after-tax return with what we believe to be the least amount of risk:

  • Tax loss harvesting to minimize realized capital gains
  • Ultra-low cost ETFs and index funds so you keep more of what you make
  • Tax aware asset allocation between retirement and taxable investment accounts
  • Strategic asset allocation to respond to the more volatile post-2008 market environment

Life Events

Life’s curveballs can derail the best laid plans. It is important to be prepared for it all.


Real life events such as births, injury or illness, or a move to another state can have a meaningful impact on your portfolio. We constantly update your financial plan based on our regular quarterly client meetings to increase the odds that you aren’t blindsided down the road. In many cases, we can help clients save a significant amount in taxes and expenses by simply planning ahead.


Tuition inflation has made education one of the biggest expenditures clients will face in their lifetime. There are several tax efficient options for investing in your children’s future, such as a 529 College Savings Plan. This type of savings plan enables you to pay for college expenses with minimal tax exposure to earnings and gains. We can help to prepare for future college tuition fees by:

  • Applying our strategic investment strategy to set terms that aim to ensure available funds for tuition and expenses
  • Monitoring income taxes from earnings and withdrawals intended to provide the most beneficial approach to college savings plans


We understand that sometimes life throws you a curve ball. We have the experience and discretion to assist in the financial intricacies of the modern day divorce process and how to structure your financial plan accordingly.


Managing inheritance can be draining and confusing. We are experts in planning for your family’s well-being.

Receiving an inheritance often comes with a host of challenges, often leaving the inheritee at a loss for how to proceed. We help navigate through one of life’s most challenging times to ensure assets are allocated and protected appropriately.

Business Assets

Liquidity events are intricate and sensitive. We help plan a thoughtful, tax efficient transaction.

For many business owners, the business itself represents the largest asset on his or her balance sheet. This fact combined with the heighted emotions often associated with a transition or sale, leaves many business owners feeling uneasy about their long-range retirement, estate, and wealth transfer planning. We help business owners prepare for a liquidity event in the following ways:

  • Minimize income taxes to both the entity and the individual owner through proactive planning that can be implemented in conjunction with a sale process
  • Determine post-transaction cash flow and retirement needs and assist in modeling various proposed transaction structures (earn-outs, roll-over equity, etc.) including the identification of specific correlation risks
  • Implement a post-transaction investment strategy to meet lifestyle needs and optimize the timing of any additional post-transaction cash flows including tax liabilities

Concentrated Wealth Strategies

Holding a concentrated investment is inherently risky. In many cases, it is also unavoidable if you are a company executive, employee, or real estate investor. We help you understand your options and how to mitigate the risks within the context of your overall portfolio as well as several other specific strategies:

  • Purchase of Put options
  • Cashless Exercise
  • Prepaid Forward Contract
  • Equity Collar
  • Private Sale of Restricted Securities


Proactive tax planning has become much more important in recent years. We help you optimize the after-tax results – it’s what you keep.

Capital Gains

In the investment world, after-tax returns are not the same as pre-tax returns especially in light of the recent changes to capital gains rates. We have developed the analytics and technology to design what we believe to be efficient asset allocations that incorporate after-tax expected returns that aim to help you get the most out of your portfolio. The old saying “it is not what you make, it is what you keep” really does matter.

Estate Tax

For high net worth families, proper estate planning can often overshadow investment returns. The Federal estate tax rate is 40% and many states have an additional tax on top of it so the IRS can easily become the de-facto beneficiary when you die. We can help change that:

  • Asset protection strategies to safeguard your lifetime’s work
  • Wealth transfer strategies to move assets outside of your taxable estate
  • Charitable strategies to minimize taxes during your lifetime and fulfill your charitable intent both during and after your life

Income Tax Planning

Proactive income tax planning has become much more important in recent years. We help you bridge the gap between your income tax liabilities and your investments:

  • Optimizing retirement contributions (401k, IRA, DBP, PSP contributions)
  • Charitable investment strategies with deductions (CRTs)
  • Insurance and other tax efficient investment options


You worked hard for retirement, worrying about your lifestyle needs should not be your new hobby.

How much do you need to retire? A simple question with a complex answer and not much room for error. We help create a detailed model with a probability weighted outcome:

  • Modeling a variety of income and spending scenarios including the impact of inflation over time
  • Stress testing portfolio allocations to ensure that volatility or market downturns like 2008 don’t lead to lifestyle changes
  • Diversifying your overall balance sheet to eliminate or mitigate concentration risks to specific industries, geographies, or macro trends (such as rising interest rates)
  • Developing different portfolios for different stages of your life that meet your goals for income and growth


Insurance plays an important role in protecting your family and assets. It can also be key in optimizing after-tax returns and transferring wealth to the next generation.

A wise man once said “insurance is sold, not bought” and they were right. However, it also serves an important role in protecting your family and your assets. It also has several very important tax benefits and can be an important investment vehicle in optimizing after-tax returns and transferring wealth to the next generation.

  • Protecting your family and replacing income and earnings
  • Using the tax efficiencies of insurance vehicles to enhance after-tax returns and transfer wealth outside your estate
  • Creating a customized structure through a private placement insurance directed fund with the same investment options as a traditional account and the benefits of an insurance product

Estate Planning

Effective planning helps prevent estate taxes from destroying the value you have created over your lifetime.

Your estate can only go to three beneficiaries: your family, charity, and the government. Effective planning helps prevent estate taxes from destroying the value you have created over your lifetime.


Estate planning encompasses all aspects of how your assets are distributed upon your death – from appointing the beneficiaries to constructing strategies for passing wealth to heirs outside of the “death tax”. Given our extensive experience working with wealthy families, we are able to speak intelligently about innovative planning techniques using plain English.  We can also help you connect the financial dots in plain English. We work hand in hand with your accountant and trust and estate attorney to ensure your plan is up to date and does what you want it to do.  We review it regularly and are proactive in making recommendations as needed.