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Investing for Business

The traditional 401K plan is outdated

Miracle Mile Advisors has partnered with TD Ameritrade to provide a modern 401K solution. This platform offers lower fees, custom models, and sophisticated investment advice with the flexibility of a diverse universe of ETFs.

Ending Value Over 25 Years
Our Platform: $975,000
Ending Value Over 25 Years
Traditional Platform: $784,000

The above study assumes that you are 40 years old (25 years from retirement) and have saved $200,000 in your 401K plan. Assuming a 7.5% return, our 401K platform outperforms a traditional platform by nearly $200,000 in fees alone, in addition to custom, objective planning, on-site education & integration technology.

Custom Modeling

Universe of ETFs

In constructing our portfolios, we conduct extensive macro research to understand what global themes are developing. From there we select a strategy to invest in developing themes, beginning the search with nearly 5 thousand ETFs worldwide. We then land on a universe of over 800 carefully selected ETFs from multiple asset classes with absolutely no proprietary products from some of the largest firms in the industry.

Custom Models

The plan offers over 10 custom models constructed by tax efficient and liquid ETFs that range from conservative to aggressive investment styles. Each of these custom models allots for a variety of ETF choices to cover multiple asset classes. We take the time to ensure that each custom model takes both financial and personal goals into consideration.

Fee Structure

Bundled Solution

As a fiduciary to your company’s employee satisfaction, it is increasingly important to have everything you need in 401K administration in one place. Our bundled solution makes sure of exactly that. With Miracle Mile’s 401K platform, we have combined the plan advisor, custodian, record keeper and 3rd party administrator.

Competitive Pricing

We recognize the importance of understanding plan fees and expenses in the evaluation process, which is why we have structured the platform for full transparency. Taking into account custodian, advisor and investment vehicle fees, our all-in 401K plan costs amount to 1% or less, as compared to some traditional plans of up to 2.5%.

Ongoing Advice

On-site Education & Information Sessions

At Miracle Mile Advisors, we place high importance on ensuring that our partners have full transparency and understanding of both the investment process and of their options. Our advisors will sit down with the plan provider as well as participants to explain all of the options available for custom models as well as individual ETFs. We will also commit to ongoing and on-site education sessions.

Additional Advice

Being experts in the financial planning sphere, we will provide additional, customized planning advice for individual employees who are interested.

Seamless Integration

In addition to continued participant education, we ensure that the integration process is both seamless and thorough by providing extensive support. We offer dedicated relationship support and rollover assistance including:

  • Detailed performance reports specific to each participant
  • Asset allocation breakdowns & data exports
  • Portfolio rebalancing, investment re-allocation, change contributions etc.
  • Signature-ready plan documents & supporting forms
  • Easy online or phone access