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Review your current portfolio

At MMA we review and analyze your statements from your current advisor or broker. We analyze all aspects of the portfolio including fees, performance, yield, and how much risk is being taken to achieve the current return. We take a holistic approach with your goals in mind.

Are excessive fees hurting performance?

A simple observation but one that is hard to find being practiced on Wall Street or even Main Street. ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but they are significantly less expensive to own. The average actively-managed mutual fund charges an annual fee of 1.42%, while the average ETF charges just 0.53%. That’s because ETFs are index-based funds, meaning they are designed for passive investing and not active management. So you aren’t paying for someone to gamble with your money, trying to beat the market — which is a good thing because study after study shows that most actively managed funds underperform the market. Why pay more for worse performance?

Recommend a specific and customized allocation

Our recommendation is based on the specific goals of each client and is customized to meet the cash flow needs and to match the risk profile of each client. The customized portfolio will take into account outside assets including other brokerage accounts, real estate holdings, and concentrated stock positions.

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Select the right investments for your portfolio

MMA aims to build the portfolio that will be tailored to suit the client’s needs. We will select low cost, tax efficient index funds that we believe include the asset classes needed to achieve the optimal risk return profile.

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Proactively manage your allocation

Asset allocation starts and ends with the goals of the client, and is necessarily unique and tailored to each investor’s specific needs. Why is it so important? Well, over 90% of investment returns are a direct result of the “buckets” you put your assets in, and less than 4% is attributable to which individual stocks or bonds you buy! Brinson, Hood and Beebower, “Determinants of Portfolio Performance” (1986, 1991). Our process is risk-focused, which helps us to determine sensitivities to various market conditions and how correlations and other hidden variables will impact how we achieve our client’s goals.


Transparent performance reporting

We send our clients customized quarterly performance reports in addition to the monthly custodial statements from Schwab Institutional or TD Ameritrade. The performance reports detail asset class returns, individual position returns, as well as the overall performance of the portfolio. The goal is to be transparent and to show the clients their current allocation in relation to their desired target allocation.

Meet regularly

Our goal is to be in constant contact with our clients. We will meet with clients at least quarterly either in person or over the phone. We believe that the input and interaction with the client is paramount to a successful relationship. As your life changes, we will adjust how we invest your assets so you stay on course.


Manage risk and adjust

Risk management is our number one priority. Risk management simply means avoiding investment landmines that pop up at increasingly regular intervals in the post 2008 environment. Capital preservation is fundamental to our investment philosophy and discipline. If market conditions warrant drastic action including reducing the growth assets and raising cash, we will do so. Our portfolios are very liquid, and this allows us to be nimble and react to market conditions swiftly.

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Sleep well

Our transparent, liquid approach, with a strong focus on risk management allows our clients peace of mind. We are committed to the needs of our clients and are striving to meet their long term investment goals. As registered investment advisors we are fiduciaries (unlike brokers), which means our clients always come first.